Why Study in the USA?

Higher education in the United States is known for the top-notch academic excellence its world-renowned universities provide. Owing to this, the USA has been and will always be the Holy Grail of higher education for international students. This fact has become evident with the rise in the United States international student population in recent years.

Why choose USA to accomplish your education goals?

That’s not all. We have more stats on the USA and its education for you.
30 universities among top 100 across the world
Number of Indian students in the US

Most preferred Courses


Mathematics & Computer Science

Business Management & Administration

Approximate Tuition Fee per Year

$15,000 approx. 10.5 Lakhs
$30,000 approx. 20.5 Lakhs

Approximate Living Expenses per Year

$10,000 approx. 7 Lakhs
$18,000 approx. 12.5 Lakhs


US News & world Report :
Quality of Life Rankings

Eligibility Requirements
Average Scores
GRE 303
Documents Required
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Academic Details
  • Statement of Purpose (SoP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LoR)
Visa Requirements

F1 Student Visa for Full time International Students

  • F1 Student Visa Fee $360 (approx. ₹ 24,618)
  • Application Fee $160 (approx. ₹ 10,941)

Part time Jobs

20 Hours
Can work 20 hours per week as part of your CPT/OPT Programs

Post Study Work Duration

36 Months
Upon Graduating, STEM students can apply for an extension of their OPT (usually it is 12 months) and can work for up to 36 months.