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University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC)

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
US News 32
Times Higher Education 54
QS World University 90
Shanghai 33
About University
Type Of University Public–Unspecified
Established Year 1789
Degree Offered Masters
Admission Session Fall, Spring, Summer
University Description
According to the school, since its establishment as the nation's first public university in 1789, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has earned a reputation as one of the best universities in the world. Our unique school spirit has been forged through more than two centuries of academic excellence, public service, and athletic, professional, and personal achievement. Often called a 'public ivy,' Carolina is known best for: One of the strongest and most diverse student bodies in the nation -- a community, composed of students from every state and more than 100 countries, that has produced more Rhodes Scholars over the last 25 years than any other public university; Academic opportunities that will prepare students to change the world -- innovative programs not found anywhere else, such as our respected and inclusive Honors Carolina Program, and opportunities to contribute to ground-breaking research and study abroad in more than 70 countries. Admission is competitive, but we strive to make it fair & humane. We don't use formulas or cutoffs; no one is automatically admitted or denied because of a single number. We read each application one by one. Students travel many different roads to Carolina and we celebrate the variety of interests, backgrounds, and aspirations they bring. At the same time, we seek excellence. We focus first on academics, using a variety of information; courses, grades, test scores, recommendations, essays; to help us assess performance and potential. We also seek excellence in arts, athletics, leadership, service, citizenship, and character. This list isn't exhaustive or prescriptive; when we read your application, we'll be interested in what you've done & what you care about. Those things that make you the unique person you are. Just by applying for admission, students may be considered for a number of special opportunities such as assured admission to business and journalism and for fellowships in research and study abroad; Outstanding merit-based scholarships, such as the Morehead-Cain, Pogue, and Robertson, as well as a need-based aid program that that meets full need and enables qualified low-income students to graduate debt-free through the Carolina Covenant. One beautiful campus -- a classic university setting within the dynamic town of Chapel Hill, where friendly classmates, exciting events, and state-of-the-art resources are only a short walk away.
Estimated Expenses(Per Year)
Room13,620 USD

9.81 Lakhs
books972 USD

70.03 Thousands
Transportation1,596 USD

1.14 Lakhs
Health Insurance2,588 USD

1.86 Lakhs
Loan Fees254 USD

18.30 Thousands
Personal Expenses1,876 USD

1.35 Lakhs
Board4,716 USD

3.39 Lakhs
Total25,622 USD

18.46 Lakhs
Male Female Ratio 41 : 59
All Students 31,720
International Students 1,786
Acceptance Ratio



University website
Size of University Large
University Setting SmallTown
Major City Durham
Nearest Airports Raleigh (18 Miles)
Geographic Region Southeast
University Address Chapel Hill, NC, 27599
Location & Weather
Average Monthly Temperature
Celsius (°C)
Min °C Max °C
Fahrenheit (°F)
Min °F Max °F
-2.22 10
28 50
-1.11 11.67
30 53
2.78 16.67
37 62
7.78 22.22
46 72
12.78 25.56
55 78
17.22 30
63 86
19.44 31.67
67 89
18.89 31.11
66 88
15 27.78
59 82
8.33 22.22
47 72
2.78 17.22
37 63
-0.56 11.67
31 53
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