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Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Baltimore, Maryland
US News 12
Times Higher Education 12
QS World University 24
Shanghai 16
About University
Type Of University Private—Unspecified
Established Year 1876
Degree Offered Masters
Admission Session Fall, Rolling, Spring, Summer, Winter
University Description
According to the school, Johns Hopkins University is a place where ambitious, talented, and creative students thrive. Here, students in all majors embrace a spirit of learning through exploration and discovery. We offer students the freedom to pursue their intellectual passions, the opportunity to learn from academic leaders, and the chance to make an impact right away. With no core curriculum, students are able and encouraged to build the academic path that is right for them, with guidance from staff and administrators to help them find their way. Our students can combine their interests, academic and otherwise, in ways that are meaningful to them, and often discover new passions while they're here. Double majoring and majoring or taking classes across disciplines are common practices; in addition, over 97% of students have at least one career-related experience as undergraduates. Studying abroad is also a common option. Outside of the classroom, students are active and engaged on a lively campus, involved in activities from dance or singing groups to international service organizations. The admissions committee approaches applications from a holistic perspective, evaluating the 'whole student.' In addition to looking at a student's academic achievement and intellectual curiosity, we seek to admit students who are excited about learning and living at Johns Hopkins. We look for students who will bring something to the campus community while taking advantage of all Johns Hopkins has to offer. At Johns Hopkins, research is engrained in our culture. Academic boundaries are not. From traditional labs and libraries to museums or field work, research here is not about a single project. It's about encouraging our students to think of new and exciting ways to delve into the subjects that matter most to them. They'll find a supportive network of professors and administrators dedicated to helping them get their projects started, including several generous research funding opportunities, such as the Provost's Undergraduate Research Awards and the Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowships. Because there's no core curriculum here, students can take advantage of fluid academic boundaries to take classes that are interesting and engaging. Allowing students to explore their academic interests results in a more stimulating learning environment, one that is enriched by students who truly enjoy learning and sharing their unique perspectives. Classes are small here, and the resources are big. That means as an undergraduate, you get to know your professors and classmates the way you would at a small liberal arts college, but you have all of the opportunities of a global research institution, right at your fingertips. Many students complete independent projects with professors, mentors, and teams. Lots more take advantage of study abroad, internships, semesters in Washington, D.C., and advanced graduate study. Johns Hopkins has schools, centers, and affiliates all over the Baltimore area, and they are often linked by free shuttle bus in Washington, D.C., across the country, and around the world. Cross registration, independent projects, and internships are all encouraged options. Instead of a rigid core of compulsory courses, Johns Hopkins leaves you free to concentrate on what you love, or to explore more broadly. Academic and faculty advisers, career advisers, and pre-professional advisers help you chart the waters. Homewood is an active, engaged campus where students are rounding out their academic pursuits with all kinds of activities, interests, and events. There are over 300 student groups and organizations on campus. All Johns Hopkins student groups are governed and managed by students, and there is something for everybody, from theater and performing arts groups, to political, special interest, and cultural groups, to publications, student government, and religious groups.
Male Female Ratio 48 : 52
All Students 25,151
International Students 5,882
Acceptance Ratio



University website
Size of University Large
University Setting Urban
Major City Baltimore
Nearest Airports Baltimore (13 Miles)
Geographic Region Mid East
University Address 3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD, 21218
Location & Weather
Average Monthly Temperature
Celsius (°C)
Min °C Max °C
Fahrenheit (°F)
Min °F Max °F
-1.44 6.72
29.4 44.1
-0.39 8.5
31.3 47.3
3.89 13.78
39 56.8
9 19.89
48.2 67.8
14.56 25.11
58.2 77.2
19.83 30
67.7 86
22.61 32.56
72.7 90.6
21.56 31.22
70.8 88.2
17.61 27.17
63.7 80.9
10.89 20.94
51.6 69.7
5.61 14.83
42.1 58.7
0.83 9.17
33.5 48.5
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