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Concordia University, Nebraska

Concordia University, Nebraska ( CUNE)

Seward, Nebraska, United States

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About Concordia University, Nebraska
According to the school, Concordia University, Nebraska is a place where you can find your heart's calling and be equipped to answer it. At Concordia, the culture is about students. It's about serving others, being part of a vibrant, Christian community and maximizing gifts and talents. Here, the foundation of our Christ-centered, Lutheran university is evident in the community who gathers to worship together, the classmates who genuinely support each other in successes and challenges and the professor who cares about every aspect of your well-being. And because those professors care, they demand that you be your best so they can successfully help you fulfill your calling, effectively serve others and lead with your heart. The variety of programs and quality of the academics at Concordia allow you to explore your passions and choose a course of study that you are confident about pursuing;and it shows in the 98 percent of recent graduates seeking employment who found a job within six months of graduation. Concordia is committed to making this kind of education affordable and accessible to its students. That's why 100 percent of incoming students receive scholarships and grants from Concordia. Those scholarships are available not only for academically talented students, but for everyone. You are rewarded for your skills as an athlete, artist, musician, actor and everyone in between. Our intercollegiate athletic teams are experiencing an undeniable momentum with recognition on a national level, and our internationally renowned music ensembles give you an opportunity to tour the country and world, performing with some of the most talented classmates and conductors you could ask for. And if serving others is the way you express yourself, you'll be empowered to make a difference because serving others isn't just a feel-good claim at Concordia;it's a way of life. And it doesn't stop there. Just 25 minutes from Lincoln, Nebraska, and 75 minutes from west Omaha, you'll have easy access to service and social opportunities, culture and entertainment in the city, or you can hang out with plenty to do right in Seward, Concordia's friendly hometown. Whoever you are at your core, whatever your passion, you can find a way to put it into practice at Concordia. This is the place where you can be yourself, share your opinions, find your way; with the loving support of a community who cares about your success. And that's what makes Concordia feel like home.
Degree Offered
Admission Session
University website
University Setting Rural
Major City Lincoln
Nearest Airports Kansas City (205 Miles)
Geographic Region Plains

Key Facts and Figures
Total Students 2,520
International Students 13
Courses 5+
Acceptance Ratio 75%
Estimated Expenses Per Year
Expenses Per Year Cost in USD in INR (Approx.)
Course Fee 19980 USD 14.38 Lakhs
Total Costs 19980 USD 14.38 Lakhs
Why should you consider Concordia University, Nebraska?
  • Concordia University, Nebraska was ranked 35th in Regional Universities Midwest by US news in 2019.
  • Concordia University, Nebraska was ranked 12th in Best Value Schools by US news in 2019.
  • Ranked top 15 in the Midwest region on this list that evaluates which schools offer the best value, comparing academic quality to cost of attendance.
  • Ranked #1 in The Best Master’s in Accounting Programs 2018 by Best Value Schools based upon quality of program, affordability and student support.
  • Top 15 school: #12 on College Choice’s “Best Master’s in English Language Learning” list for our Master of Education in TESOL.

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Address / Geo Location
800 North Columbia Avenue, Seward, Nebraska, 68434
Average Monthly Temperature
Celsius (°C)
Min °C Max °C
Fahrenheit (°F)
Min °F Max °F
-10.11 1.67
13.8 35
-7.11 5.17
19.2 41.3
-1.72 11.5
28.9 52.7
4.44 18.72
40 65.7
10.78 24.11
51.4 75.4
16.22 29.89
61.2 85.8
18.78 32.22
65.8 90
17.44 31.22
63.4 88.2
12.11 27.22
53.8 81
5.5 20.56
41.9 69
-2.17 10.17
28.1 50.3
-7.78 3.56
18 38.4
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