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American Baptist College

American Baptist College (ABCNASH)

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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About American Baptist College
According to the school, education is the primary task of American Baptist College. Thus, ABC is committed to an academic environment for critical dialogue among students and faculty that is open and free to enlist insights that will enhance intellectual and spiritual growth. The educational philosophy of American Baptist College is grounded in the faith tradition that brought the Black church into being. It believes the Black church tradition has significant meaning and central importance for the communities Black church serve and for the common life of men and women in the world. Thus, American Baptist College is committed to assisting its students in achieving a critical and reflective understanding of the Christian faith and in discerning the implications of that faith for the church, society and the lives of individuals. This commitment entails the education of women and men who will be forceful agents of social justice to serve oppressed, under-served and under-privileged communities and prophetic representatives in working for a more just and humane society. Thus, in its educational curriculum, American Baptist College affirms its commitment to do all in its power to combat racism, gender based prejudice, ethnocentrism and all forms of discrimination. American Baptist College is committed to active participation in the struggles of individuals and groups for a more just and wholesome world for the poor, disenfranchised, and the global oppressed.
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University Setting Urban
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Nearest Airports Nashville (15 Miles)
Geographic Region Southeast

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Address / Geo Location
1800 Baptist World Center Drive, Nashville, Tennessee, 37207
Average Monthly Temperature
Celsius (°C)
Min °C Max °C
Fahrenheit (°F)
Min °F Max °F
-2.28 7.56
27.9 45.6
-0.44 10.78
31.2 51.4
4.11 15.94
39.4 60.7
8.39 21
47.1 69.8
13.72 25.28
56.7 77.5
18.33 29.5
65 85.1
20.83 31.5
69.5 88.7
20 31
68 87.8
16.11 27.5
61 81.5
9.22 21.72
48.6 71.1
4.17 15
39.5 59
-0.28 9.67
31.5 49.4
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