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Prospective students are open to starting this academic year online in the UK, and why you should too

The ongoing Pandemic situation has created a crisis of sorts to a major number of fields in the world, and the Higher Education sector is one such field to be greatly impacted by it. However, unlike other fields, the higher education sector was quick to adapt and take necessary measures to not let the situation get the better of it. 

If you are a prospective student looking to study abroad, you must be aware of the temporary changes abroad universities have made by now. One of the significant but temporary changes was to continue the ongoing classes through an online medium and also making plans to deliver the first half of the coming Fall 2020 intake online. 

Despite the move to online teaching being a resourceful step to ensure the continuity of academics amid the disruption caused by the Coronavirus, many aspiring student’s spirits were dampened. This applies to all the study abroad destinations around the world except for few countries like Australia and New Zealand, which are ready to reopen their borders to international students anytime now. 

International students open to starting year online

Surprisingly, according to an ongoing research survey on the impact of Coronavirus on international higher education conducted by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a higher education think-tank, a majority of aspiring students are still looking forward to studying abroad. The results are even more positive for the UK, as over 72% of the survey respondents were open to studying in the UK this academic year, even if it means to start their courses online. 

The data collected by QS had responses from over 30,000 aspiring international students, of which, more than 8,000 students have responded that they are looking to start studying in the UK this academic year. While the UK government and university officials are combatting the virus spread and making it safer for their students, this data gives us a clearer picture of how aspiring students are approaching the situation. It also provides us reasons to be positive about the UK’s higher education sector. 

The data of this survey came after the Higher Education Regulator in the UK has informed their universities to clearly communicate to their students how the courses will be taught, so that the students can make an informed decision. While the UK universities are yet to make a decision and confirm, it is believed that the coming Fall (September) 2020 intake will begin with courses starting online and moving onto in-person classes once the travel ban is lifted. A few universities are also contemplating a blended form of learning which includes both in-person and online learning in the long run. 

Online or not, the important point to remember is that universities are reassuring their students that the quality of education is not compromised in online classes. Students will be receiving the same quality and value of education as on-campus classes and will also acquire a proper full-time degree upon graduating. This is why most universities charge the same tuition fees even if the classes are going to start online. 

Given the immense positive economic impact international students have on the UK and the world, key steps will be taken to ensure that international students are welcomed to the UK as part of their post-COVID-19 recovery phase. 

How the road to international education post-COVID-19 in the UK might look like

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the current decline in international education, many study abroad destinations are gearing up to attract international students as the world recovers from the COVID-19 crisis. The UK is among these countries and its education has the advantage of being the second-best to the USA and has an added responsibility to maintain this reputation.

The UK’s institutions and government are coming together to take steps to ensure international students will be inclined to study in the UK. Russell Group, a prestigious group of UK’s 24 leading universities are urging the UK government to take necessary steps to make international students feel welcomed into their country. 

Why you should choose the UK

While necessary actions are being taken and dialogs being exchanged between the UK government and universities, below are a few possible changes that are being stressed upon to ensure that international students will be inclined to study in the UK in the world’s post-COVID-19 phase. 

  • Pushing to fast-track the UK’s 24 months Post Study Work Rights and its extension to 6 more months.
  • Universities UK International urges to promote Study in the UK by increasing its budget from £6 to £20 million.  
  • Complete Post Study Work Rights even if a student begins 50% of the course online.
  • Allowing students to apply for study visa 6-months prior to the in-person course start date as opposed to the current 3-month period. 
  • Efficient and quick visa application and approvals once the travel ban is lifted.
  • Visible scholarship fundings and newer scholarships to incentivize international students. 

Do follow us to receive updates if and when any of the above points materialize. That being said, if you are convinced that the UK’s prospects are much brighter in the coming intakes and would like to start applying to its universities, you may contact our student support team on +91-9303-42-42-42 or write to them at contactus@ubergrad.com to get free assistance. 

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