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Should I go ahead with abroad university applications or delay it in the wake of COVID-19?

abroad university's approach to COVID-19

The past few months have been pretty obscure for the world with events unraveling pretty haphazardly in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Industries around the world are forced to take a break and plan things out for when the dust settles in the near future. Higher Education is one such industry that has been forced to pause or use innovative alternatives to pass through the current phase. 

With this unforeseen turn of events, aspiring students around the world are perplexed about the actions to be taken now or in the near future. Of these, the most common question on every student’s mind is, ‘Should I go ahead with abroad university applications or delay it to next semester/year?’ In this article, I will try to answer this question with all the possibilities and options. 

What is the current situation of universities abroad and how it has impacted their admissions? 

Universities around the world have suspended their ongoing classes in order to satisfy the social distancing measures to keep students, faculty, and staff safe. The campuses are shut down and students are asked to vacate dormitories and go home. In order to not let the situation disrupt the ongoing classes, they are conducted through an online mode of delivery.

What does this mean to international students who have already applied to universities?

Students whose applications have been confirmed for the Summer intake have the option to either defer their intake or go ahead with the classes through online mode for now and join them in person when the situation is controlled. 

For students who have applied and are awaiting confirmation, the university officials are automatically deferring to the coming intakes based on availability. Also, the universities around the world are currently accepting applications for coming intakes.

Should I defer my intake or go ahead with the classes?

Well, this completely depends on your preferences if you do not have any qualms with taking classes online (for now) to the in-person class experience. It also depends on whether you mind a gap in your education or not. Whatever might be the case, both the options will provide you a chance to experience abroad education in person. One, a bit later than the other. 

Should I stick with my original plan of studying abroad or wait for the situation to clear?

If you have decided to study abroad, then I am pretty sure that you have planned everything by now, did your part of the research, and are on the verge of applying to universities when pandemonium hit us. In spite of all this, we suggest you go ahead and start applying to universities for the coming intakes. 

This is because all have not ended for the academic year 2020. Universities around the world are planning things for the coming Fall intake which usually starts around September-October and the subsequent intakes. Another important point to take note is that as more and more students are deferring their joining to the coming intakes, your admission will be significantly dependant on the vacancy of seats. 

Isn’t it too early to be positive already?

Yes, it is too early to decipher the results of our battle with the virus, but if we look at China’s experience, it took them around 10-12 weeks to get the virus situation under control and open its world for everyday activities. This only shows that it is just a matter of time before other countries also follow suit and get things under control. 

Countries like the US are currently attaining their peek and expert projections indicate that it will see a decline in spread by May and everything will be under control by August. The same applies to other countries as well. So, instead of sweating over the uncertainty and completely letting go of your plans, the best thing to do in these trying times is to act positively and stay at home as it is up to us to stop the spread.

What if the situation continues beyond July?

In the event, this situation persists even in July, most universities around the world will be adapting to the situation by then by making the necessary changes to kick-start classes online with a provision to join them in-person as things settle down. Whatever might be the case, keep checking with your universities as they will update to if there are any changes. 

Is postponing my study abroad plans to 2021 a better option?

In spite of all the above information, you might still be apprehensive to study abroad in 2020 and we do not blame you for it. However, with the limited information available right now, we will not be able to answer that question accurately. We leave it to you to be the best judge. However, do keep in mind points like education gap, seat availability, and the option to defer intakes before you make a decision. 

If you have decided to study abroad in 2021, you can use and the resources there to do your research and find the best-fit universities for your profile. Do follow us as we bring the latest updates from the world of abroad education to you. 

What if I am still unsure about what and how to go about?

That is exactly why we are here for. You can always get in touch with our expert counsellors to have all your questions and doubts clarified, from the safety of your home. You can reach out to them directly on +91-9303-42-42-42 or write to them at

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