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Popular Scholarships for Indian Students for a Masters in the UK

Don't let lack of funds stop you from achieving your dreams

A good study program abroad shouldn’t be inaccessible. If you’re equipped with the right information you can make any dream come true. Whether you’re worried about covering your tuition fees, living expenses, visa processing fees, flight tickets, health insurance, or other, there are several scholarships and funding opportunities that can come to the rescue. Some of these scholarships are from the UK government and carry a prestige factor. In addition, universities have their own individual funding resources which are best to check on their websites.

But, not to worry! We’re here to help. 

Different Types of Scholarships and their Benefits

Chevening Scholarships

Offered by the UK government as a fully-funded scholarship to students willing to do a full- time Masters course (usually 1 year) in the UK.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you need to –

  • Apply to at least three different universities offering similar courses before their deadline. Please note that the course can not be changed later.
  • Take an English Language Test (IELTS bands ≥ 6.5) mandatorily (Please check the individual university requirements as well).
  • Keep two LORs (Letters of Recommendation) ready so that you can upload them while applying for the scholarship.
  • Have a minimum of two years (2800 hours) of work experience in the relevant field.
Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

Funded by the UK Department for International Development aimed at candidates mainly from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries. These scholarships cover master’s study (excluding MBA) in a UK university which has a funding agreement with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission of the UK (CSC). These are offered for a diverse set of courses and are available for differently-abled students as well.

To avail these scholarships, you need to-

  • Have an undergraduate degree with an average overall exam score of 60%+.
  • Apply for these scholarships through national nominating agencies and selected non-governmental organizations and charitable bodies only.
  • Keep proof of citizenship, all to-date transcripts (translated in English), two LORs ready at the time of application.
  • Select three universities and mention them in an order of your preference. Kindly note that the preferences can not be changed later on.
  • Check the university English Language Requirements before applying.

These scholarships provide airfare to and from the UK, tuition fees, warm clothing allowance (if needed), thesis grant, study travel grant, and also provide special provisions to the widowed, divorced or single parents. You can not leave the UK during the period of the scholarship or opt for paid employment without prior approval by CSC.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Instituted by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and awarded to pursue any of the master’s degrees, one-year postgraduate course or two years research-only course, in any subject, only at the University of Cambridge. Around 95 scholarships are given to international students every year which cover the full cost of studying at Cambridge including tuition fees, maintenance allowance, travel costs, etc. They also include additional funds for academic development, family allowance, fieldwork, etc. The application deadlines can be checked on the official website of the university.

Important facts-

  • These scholarships do not cover the MBA, Master in Finance and MD programs.
  • Keep an SOP (Statement of Purpose) of approximately 500 words and two LORs ready before applying for the scholarship. The LORs should state your proficiency in studies and intellectual abilities.
  • Be ready for an interview process (in person or Skype) of about 20-25 minutes, which is the major factor for the final approval.
Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford

Each year, these scholarships are provided to 5 students from India by Oxford University.

Important facts about these scholarships-

  • Are applicable to all two-year post-graduate degrees (mostly MBA) at the University of Oxford.
  • Cover all University and College fees; the application fee, living stipend, airfare to Oxford and flight back to the student’s home country at the conclusion of the scholarship, adding up to 69, 533 Pounds.
  • Have an age bar of 18-28 years.
  • Applications usually open during the spring and summer of the preceding year of your study and the deadline is mostly around July-October of the same year.
Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

Provided by the University of Bristol for one-year master’s courses. They usually cover tuition fees (varying between 5,000- 20,000 Pounds) depending upon the course you select. For application-

  • You should have a minimum percentage of 60% in graduation.
  • You should have an MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation) letter confirming that English is the teaching language of your institution at the time of application. You need not take any other English Language Test.
Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Offered by the University of Nottingham for full-time master’s program (excluding Masters of Research) for the students from different Commonwealth countries. Approximately 105 awards are given every year to international students. You should have never studied outside your home country to be benefitted by these scholarships.

Felix Scholarships

Provided to underprivileged students from India and certain other developing countries by the University of Oxford, along with the University of Reading and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and the University of London. Around 20 scholarships are awarded every year to the students. They cover course fees, living costs and a return ticket to the UK. The amount offered for 2019 applications is 71,700 Pounds and is subject to change every year.

For a successful application, you need –

  • A score of 7.5 in IELTS, with a minimum score of 7.0 in each component.
  • A GMAT score of 650 or above.
  • Two Letters of Reference (LORs).
  • SOP (500 words) stating your capability of fitting into the University of Oxford.
  • Apply to just one university.
  • Have work experience of a minimum of two years in the relevant field before applying for these scholarships.
Erasmus Mundus

Provided by the European Union, these scholarships cover academic costs, sustenance costs as well as other special needs that might arise. These scholarships cover more than 140 masters programs in relevance to Euroculture giving students ground for diverse courses to make a choice from. Around 24 grants are provided each year to international students. You need to have a minimum overall score of 6.5, with no part under 6.0 in IELTS for application.

GREAT Scholarships

British Council, in collaboration with the UK’s GREAT Britain campaign, provides scholarships to Indian students for diverse courses. You need to apply to the universities accepting GREAT scholarships directly and need to keep your undergraduate degree, English Language Test (as per university requirement) and approval from the university ready at the time of application.

Inlaks Scholarships

These scholarships are provided by Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation primarily aiming at helping the exceptionally talented students who wish to study in the UK. The scholarship mainly applies to Imperial College London, Royal College of Art (RCA) London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) London and the University of Cambridge via the Cambridge Trust, Sciences Po, Paris.

In order to be eligible, you need-

  • To be under 30 years of age.
  • A graduation degree from a recognized university with minimum 60% marks.
  • Proof of excellence in academics from the university.

Important facts-

  • Maximum scholarship that is given per student- USD 100,000 or INR 70 Lakhs (approximately).
  • The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, one- way travel and health insurance.
  • Teaching jobs and other part-time jobs are acceptable under assistant-ships after approval.
  • Scholarships are awarded in May for commencement of programs in September or October.

Don’t forget to check the official websites of the individual universities for updates on funding opportunities and scholarships. The requirements, deadlines and the funds provided get updated every year.

These scholarships can help you achieve your dream of studying in the UK. For any kind of assistance, feel free to talk to our Student Support team and have a hassle-free application.

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