All about Duolingo

More and more US Higher Educational Institutions have started accepting the Duolingo English Test as either a stand-alone proof or to supplement the measures of other English-language proficiency.

Duolingo English Test is a relatively newer English Proficiency Test that is accepted by over 500 Institutions all over the world. It is a 45-minute test that can be taken from the comfort of your home or even your mobile phone and get results within 2 days for as little as $49 only.

On demand, anywhere in the world


Take the test online anywhere, anytime—no traveling to a test center or appointment needed


Get your results within 48 hours of completing the test, and share it with anyone, immediately


Receive your score and interview for only $49, while most other certification tests cost over $200

Accurate results in minutes

Quick setup (5 minutes)

An introduction that walks you through the test rules and requirements

Adaptive test (45 minutes)

A graded section that evaluates your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills

Video interview (10 minutes)

A section that records your answers to open-ended questions

Test requirements

You must have

  • Your passport, driver’s license or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • 60 minutes of free time
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer

Your computer must have

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